The following are codes used to access IRLP


To connect to an IRLP node, simply punch in the four-digit node number on your DTMF microphone.

To disconnect from a node, punch in 73

To connect to an Echolink (EchoIRLP) node, use the prefix below followed by the Echolink node number.

#35 [Echolink node number] - Connect to an Echolink node.

 73 - Disconnect the current connection.

  * - Node status (If connected, the node will let you know. If not, it will announce "Link Clear".

411 - Information on the last IRLP connections (no EchoIRLP info though).

 * * - Tells what node was the last connected node (works with EchoIRLP too).

*69 - Call back the last connected IRLP node (including EchoIRLP).

*70 - Call back the last connected incoming caller (IRLP only).

*71 - Call back the last node called (IRLP only).

*72 - Call back the last "Call Waiting" node (IRLP only).

 # - Play the current local time.


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